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Key Features

Dominate Your Market using Opinly's Competitive Research Analysis Tool


Competitive Price Analysis

Opinly offers comprehensive price analysis services, helping businesses stay ahead by analyzing their competitors' websites and pricing strategies effectively.

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Product Comparison Tool

Opinly's Product Comparison Tool provides analysis of your competitor's product, helping your business make informed decisions by analyzing their updates on product features and reviews across various platforms.

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Landing Pages

Discover how Opinly helps you to create engaging, competitive landing pages, helping your business gain a competitive edge by highlighting your products or services' strengths and unique selling points on your website landing page.

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SEO Monitor

Opinly's SEO Software Monitor is an all-in-one SEO software that keeps your website on top with real-time SEO monitor insights, a keyword research tool, and competitor insights. It ensures the best practices of organic SEO that provide visibility and growth for your business.

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Competitor Email Monitoring

Stay ahead with Opinly's Competitor Email Monitoring. Track your competitor’s email marketing campaigns , strategies, and trends to refine your email marketing approach with this email competitor content research tool.

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Interactive Dashboards

Visualize complex data with Opinly's Interactive Dashboards. Gain insights into competitor strategies, track key metrics, and make informed decisions with customizable, real-time data visualization tools.


Opinly's Competitor Analysis Software helps businesses stay ahead of the
market with real-time updates on your competitors' activities.

Market Insights

Dive deep into market trends, consumer behaviors, and competitor strategies.

Customizable Analysis

Tailor your analysis to focus on specific competitor features and operations.

Seamless Integration

Integrate with existing business tools for enhanced insights and decision-making.

Real-Time Data

Get updates on competitors’ website traffic and performance.

Why Choose Opinly?

Enhanced Market Understanding

Opinly helps businesses understand market dynamics, growth trends, and opportunities, allowing them to compare with competitors and identify niches to exploit.

Strategic Decision Making

Gain insights into competitors’ strategies to make informed decisions on product development, marketing, and pricing, ensuring alignment with market demands.

Product Differentiation

Understand competitors’ offerings to differentiate your products through new features, improved user experience, or innovative technology.

Risk Management

Identify and address threats from competitors by adjusting strategic plans to mitigate risks associated with market competition.

Customer Insights

Gather user feedback on competitors’ products to improve your offerings and customer service, leading to higher satisfaction and retention.

Performance Benchmarks

Use Opinly's benchmarks to measure your company’s performance in sales, market share, customer acquisition, and lifetime value, making necessary adjustments.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I analyze my competitors?

To analyze your competitors, you can follow these steps: Identify Your Competitors, Gather Information using Opinly, Analyze Strengths and Weaknesses, Track Their Activities, and Evaluate Market Position.

What tool is used for competitor analysis?

The best tool for competitor analysis is Opinly. It provides comprehensive data and insights into your competitors' strategies, helping you make informed decisions to stay ahead in the market.

How to do software competitor analysis?

To perform software competitor analysis: Identify Key Competitors, Collect Data using Opinly, Compare Features and Pricing, Analyze Market Positioning, and Monitor Updates.

How to do competitive benchmarking?

Competitive benchmarking involves: Identifying Benchmarks, Selecting Competitors, Gathering Data using Opinly, Comparing Performance, and Implementing Changes.

What are the five forces of competitor analysis?

The five forces of competitor analysis are: Competitive Rivalry, Threat of New Entrants, Bargaining Power of Suppliers, Bargaining Power of Customers, and Threat of Substitute Products.

What are the benefits of conducting competitor analysis?

Conducting competitor analysis provides numerous benefits, including identifying market trends, uncovering market gaps, enhancing product offerings, improving marketing strategies, and better understanding customer needs. It enables businesses to strategically position themselves in the market by learning from the successes and failures of their competitors.

Stay Ahead in the Market with Opinly

Improve your product's standing or forge a distinct value proposition with our competitor analysis software, delivering the insight to succeed in the competitive market. Opinly grants you access to extensive data and tools, enhancing your marketing strategies to align with your target market's specific needs.